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Ashley Poole is the owner and founder of Ashley Poole Photography as well as the person behind the camera. As an undergraduate at Rogers State University majoring in graphic design, she finds immense value in the ability to capture beautiful moments with creativity and uniqueness. 

Ashley Poole Photography is a small business providing photography and videography services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas since 2015. Services include wedding, engagement, senior, family, sports, and outdoor lifestyle. Each service is built upon the foundation to capture "God's Good Work".

When Ashley was attending high school, a loved teacher and mentor of hers proclaimed the truth over her fellow classmates that when God made us He did good work. Not only did her love and care for her students inspire Ashley to see the "good work" in others, but it has also shaped her vision for Ashley Poole Photography to capture it through the lens of a camera. The smiling faces, loving families, unity of weddings, and hard work in athletes give Ashley the opportunity to capture the wonderful creation of God that shines so bright in each of us. 


If you would like to know more about Ashley, her business, or pricing visit the contact page and submit a form!

Aside from photography Ashley also does graphic design work. To see her design portfolio for Rogers State University Athletics click here: GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO

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