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artist statement

The creative process, no matter the medium, has always been an escape for me and a way to offer others insight into the beauty of our world and the beauty within themselves. A moment that freezes time and allows me to break free from the chaos of reality and enter a realm of solitude and peace. Time stops, stress fades, food doesn’t matter, and comparison ceases. Creating allows me to have control and be the only one who determines the end result. As a young artist, I would escape life’s tribulations through drawing that eventually transitioned into painting. However, it wasn’t until I would pick up a camera in high school to photograph Friday night football games that my passion for creating would breathe new life and purpose into my soul. From a young age my parents told me I was “created to create”. Since then, I have pursued the skill to capture images and create artwork that reflect genuine and authentic character.

As an artist you grow up hearing the phrase, “Wow, you have an artistic eye!” The tone in their voice makes this statement feel more like a superpower instead of just any compliment. Yet it truly embodies who we are as creatives and my favorite part of the process: to have the eye to see what is not there. Before I take a picture, create a logo, or paint a painting, the image is already in my head. To make that image physical is just half of the process! To then watch that creation come to life and eventually completed is both euphoric and exhilarating.

To be a photographer, one must be able to tell a story. Although tempting, taking pictures is not just pushing the shutter button and hoping for the best. I get to know my subjects and capture who they are, not just what they look like. For example, I have had the privilege of telling the story between two high school sweethearts that are engulfed in love choosing to solidify the decision they made long ago to spend the rest of their lives together through marriage. The story of a family who lost a child at a young age, that would later gain another and embrace the spirit of that previous child in the heart of their new one. And the narrative of an athlete who has overcome emotional and physical abuse working every day to overcome those tribulations and become victorious in their sport. Every single person you meet has a story and I capture that through my photography.

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